Zleenk: Armenian educational app offers teenagers the opportunity to acquire high-quality knowledge on modern topics



YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 10, ARMENPRESS. In the 21st century, there are many professions that schoolchildren have no idea about. Perhaps it is necessary to include new subjects in the school curriculum? The founders of the educational app Zleenk have found the solution.

Speaking to ARMENPRESS, the founders of the platform said that during their studies abroad, they were thinking about how to make the knowledge acquired outside Armenia available to Armenian children and adolescents.

Zleenk is an educational application for Armenian school children aged 13-18, providing the opportunity to acquire modern and high-quality knowledge on their topics of interest that are not included in the school curriculum. In the app, school children interested in both arts and crafts and programming can find suitable educational content.

“When signing up, teens choose their interests and we provide educational content based on that. The app first uncovers hundreds of professions for school children, helps and guides them to find their own path, and then gives them much-appreciated knowledge, motivation and soft skills to become a successful professional said Zleenk co-founder Kima Arakelyan.

Co-founder and CTO Levon Avetisyan assured that the app is the most convenient option for kids aged 13-18. They think that Generation Z (those born after 1995) cannot be found elsewhere. And they named the app after Gen Z.

“There have been 3 sections in the app – courses, meetings and competitions. But now we have launched a new section – forums, which connects teenagers with the same interests and provides an opportunity to share knowledge and make friends,” Avetisyan said.

The courses consist of two parts. The first is career guidance. Professionals present the essence, importance and prospects of their profession, show their daily life and give advice. Here, app users will have the opportunity to get acquainted with professions that are not taught in schools.

The second part allows users to watch video lessons and develop their skills on various topics. Here, school children can watch recorded lessons on business, floristics, journalism, blockchain, programming and many other topics.

By participating in live meetings, students learn from the best professionals in their respective fields and ask them questions.

“By cooperating with various organizations, we organize competitions, discover and reward talented schoolchildren. For example, the companies GG, ARloopa give interesting tasks to users. Upon successful completion of these tasks, users receive incentive gifts,” said co-founder Diana Ghabuzyan.

The app was launched on July 4 and already has over 800 users. It is free and offers the possibility of integrating all children and adolescents who wish to acquire new and modern knowledge. In order to cover current expenses, the startup organized a fundraiser on the “reArmenia” platform. As part of this fundraiser, the following topics will be created: psychology lessons on the most common problems of adolescents in schools, programming, AR/VR technologies, 3D modeling, animations, floristics, pottery, arts and crafts , confectionery, Adobe tools, science, Armenian culture, business, soft skills, SMM, AI, blockchain technologies, etc.

“We started the work thanks to subsidies. We even received a grant from the Ministry of High Technology. We spent ministry funding to create the app. We have signed many cooperation contracts with different companies. We value specialists who work with children to be the best,” Ghabuzyan said.

Propaganda is excluded in the platform. The founders say they attach importance to pluralism, convinced that creativity is the key to development.

“Schoolchildren are a vulnerable group. We are accountable to the parents for the app content,” Arakelyan said.

There are plans to further develop the application. Right now the team needs more staff. They plan to include the diaspora resource as well. In the future, it is planned to make the application multilingual and also to create its web version.

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