YOU BEED CHARACTER Launches CricketPang Kindergarten Educational App



The CricketPang Kindergarten app uses the IP address of the character from Cricket Pang, an animation that will air on major TVs and OTTs around the world early next year. The content of the application has been produced by experts specializing in the education of young children.

– The CricketPang Kindergarten app can be used by young children of different ages. Content should keep kids interested by combining character animation with kindergarten-friendly teaching materials.
– The content of the app is made up of educational topics combined with videos that will grab children’s attention, like language, arts, animals, etc.
– The app’s high-quality educational content was created by current and former kindergarten teachers and other content experts.
– This app will help kids stay at home by keeping them focused for longer on our educational and entertaining content.

“CricketPang Kindergarten App is an educational application for kindergarten children who use the IP of the CricketPang character. We have created easy and interesting content for kids to enjoy learning, ”said SONG Minsu President of YOU NEED CHARACTER.

CricketPang Kindergarten is available on Google / Apple APP Store and will be introduced to the Indian market soon. The app is expected to create a new educational trend where kids can learn while playing. Business watchers expect CricketPang Kindergarten App and CricketPang (which will air on TV and the OTT channel early next year), India.


The company was founded in 2017 by President SONG Minsu (who has 15 years of experience in the animation industry) and other content production experts. They are making inroads into markets around the world with a variety of content, as a producer of character animation and educational content for children.


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