Working from home with toddlers? You need this fun and educational app.



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Trying to run a business is difficult. Between making tough decisions, handling all the finances, keeping your employees happy, and so much more, it’s exhausting being in the driver’s seat. But it’s so much more exhausting when you have to do all that with a toddler running around.

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As more companies embrace remote work life, people are realizing how difficult it is to focus on work when their kids are at home all summer. If you need a little help and don’t want to pay a full-time nanny, check out Papumba.

Papumba is a fun learning app for kids. Young children learn best by playing and with Papumba you can start preparing them for school from the age of 2. Rather than sticking an iPad to their face and letting them scroll through YouTube videos (which is extremely dangerous full-fledged), Papumba offers over 500 interactive games and learning activities to help your kids acquire STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) skills before they go to school. Thanks to smart technology, each activity is perfectly tailored to your child’s age and abilities so they can reach key milestones in the preschool program at their own pace. Plus, all activities are downloadable and family-centric. So when you find some time, you can have fun and take a hands-on approach to your child’s learning.

Papumba is the # 1 game-based preschool platform in over 30 countries and has won the Gold Seal of Approval at the Mom’s Choice Awards®. It even has a 4.5 / 5 rating on the App Store.

If you need to keep your kids productive while running your business, this is one of the best options. In addition, a lifetime subscription to Papumba is on sale now for just $ 49.99, that’s 86% off the total value of $ 359.40. Also mark a one year subscription for $ 24.99 (65% off) or one three year subscription for $ 39.99 (81% off).

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