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With students at home in the near future, many parents may find it difficult to keep them busy and learn.

We’ve compiled this list of online learning resources and activities to entertain your young students in the midst of coronavirus cancellations.

  • Earthwork Harvest Gathering and Hoxeyville Music Festival are teaming up to offer a series of concerts for children. Every Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m., the artists will sing their hearts out on Facebook Live, and they will also accept contributions. Click here to view past concerts and get updates on future performances.

Mackinac Parks Logo

  • Northern Michigan is rich in history, and now you can learn all about Mackinac State Historic Parks and explore from home on their website.

San Diego Zoo Kids Logo

  • San Diego Zoo Kids offers free videos, facts, and activities for all things animal kingdom. You can also watch your favorite animal friend at the zoo on their live webcams. To start your learning adventure, Click here.

NPS Logo

  • The National Park Service offers virtual tours of beloved Yellowstone Park. Explore the beautiful canyons, hot springs, waterfalls, and the Norris Geyser Basin while learning about the history of the world’s first national park. Go to www.nps.gov for more information.

Access to the Mars home page

  • Walk the mysterious red planet with Google’s online Access Mars program. With the help of NASA’s Curiosity Rover, users can navigate the difficult terrain of Mars where no one has been before. Go to accessmars.withgoogle.com to start your journey.

Farm food logo

  • Be a virtual farmer for a day with Farm Food 360º. Without getting your hands dirty, see how everyday foods like milk, eggs and fruit are produced. Make your visit to www.farmfood360.ca.

Busy toddler logo

  • Created by child education advocate Susie Allison, the Busy Toddler website gives parents a fighting chance when it comes to learning ‘at home’. Ranging from sensory play to messy fun, Busy Toddler offers countless activities for energetic kids. For teaching ideas, visit www.busytoddler.com.

Pbs Kids Logo

  • PBS Kids offers hours of entertainment with tons of educational games and videos. From a tablet or computer, kids can create heroes, go fishing, build and ride a go-kart, or learn and play with characters like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Daniel Tiger and Elmo. See all the games of your choice on www.pbskids.org.

Louvre logo

  • Walk the halls of the world’s largest art gallery, the Louvre, while viewing Egyptian, medieval, and decorative arts. Presented in French and English, the virtual tour offers an artistic and cultural journey into the past. Go to www.louvre.fr/fr for a guided experience.

Chrome Music Lab Song Maker

  • Through the use of colors, shapes, lights and waves, Chrome Music Lab delves into the beauty of music. This online program creates a creative indoor vibe and offers music-themed exercises for all ages. Make your first musical experience at musiclab.chromeexperiments.com.

Starfall logo

  • Starfall is a virtual educational playground for the mind that helps practice a child’s problem-solving skills. Ideal for ages from kindergarten to 3 years oldrd grade, this website can be easily accessed, making it ideal for a beginner. To start math, language arts and music lessons, go to starfall.com.

World museum logo

  • Presented by the British Museum and Google, The Museum of the World is a whimsical flight through the years that explores artifacts found on 7 continents. From raw tools made in 2 million BC to ancient carvings, this interactive timeline is an adventure worth taking. Go to britishmuseum.withgoogle.com for more information.
  • Learning with Bubba and Ryno at Cops & Donuts in County Clare is a great opportunity for kids to watch educational videos on a number of topics. To see their videos, Click here.

Nat Geo Kids Logo

  • Did you know that panda droppings can be turned into paper? There is more to “weird but true!” »Facts, as well as current animal-related events, personality tests and more on National Geographic Kids. Find out which shark matches your personality on kids.nationalgeographic.com.

Kristenbell Online Story

  • Performed in comfortable surroundings, Storyline Online brings popular children’s books to life with familiar voices and faces of famous people, exciting animation, and music. From Oprah to Kristen Bell, there are plenty of stories to choose from. To read with your favorite star, go to storylineonline.net

Abcya logo

  • Organized according to the core curriculum guidelines, ABCYa offers activities in language arts, math, and science for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6.e class. Lessons include how to “type a friendly letter, find treasure using latitude and longitude, and how to tell the time”. Go to abcya.com for more information.

Logo Highlights

  • Since 1946, Highlights for Children magazine has entertained children of all ages with stories, puzzles and the infamous hidden picture games. Having adapted to the digital age, all of these popular activities are now available on the Highlights website at Highlightskids.com.

Duolingo logo

  • Guten Tag, Hello, Hola, Salve, Namaste – Learn the basics in over 30 languages ​​with Duolingo. Available on multiple devices, this program offers “small” lessons while using fun games to “implement long-term retention”. To learn a new language, go to duolingo.com.

NASA logo

  • Learn about the history of space travel and what it’s like to live in a space station. Explore galaxies, meet NASA’s top astronauts, and learn about future technologies on NASA’s expansive educational website. There is also a mini club for little astronauts in training. Fly into space at NASA.gov, or go to NASA.gov/kidsclub.

Code logo

  • Explore Code, HTML, and Java Script by creating web pages and virtual robots on Code’s training website. Help Rey lead BB-8 to aid the Resistance, save the eggs and defeat the pigs with Angry Birds, and build a squad to fight the ogres during Code Combat. To start your coding adventure, go to code.org.

Overlay logo

  • Bunk connects history to current events by recalling moments from the past and showing how they shaped our modern civilization. This simple site gives older children a reason to think critically about the past, present and future. Go to bunkhistory.com.

Screenshot of fluidity and fitness

  • Fluency & Fitness is currently offering a 21-day free trial to help kids exercise their bodies while exercising their minds. Jump and count to 120, jump while learning long vowels and dance to a pattern and more at fluencyandfitness.com.


  • Join Steve Hartman as he teaches a week-long interactive class for students of all ages. The subject is kindness. click here to find it.


  • Michigan State University offers a number of online courses for adults and children. Whether it’s learning to stay home alone or learning to relax, they have it all. Click here to find out more.Pure
  • And no matter what it’s doing outside, the weather is always nice when you take a virtual tour. Pure Michigan has just released another new option that will take you all over our great state. Click here to see the tours.


  • And for those who want to explore the world outside the Mitten, Google Earth offers virtual tours of 30 famous Unesco World Heritage sites. The globe is at your fingertips with a 360 degree view of beautiful and historic places. Click here to see it all!

Https Blogs Images.forbes.com Emmapocock Files 2019 06 Harry Potter Magic Tale Ebooks 1200x600

  • Author JK Rowling has launched “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and “Harry Potter at Home” online, described as a free magical resource to entertain readers of all ages right now. Click here for the series online.

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  • The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has gathered fun and educational resources through its Nature at home website.

To download

  • From live cameras of eagle chicks to puppies, penguins, sheep, aquariums, and more. Explore.org is all free, and everything is awesome.


  • Grand Rapids Public Museum now offers a virtual way to explore Anishinabek culture. The program allows you to learn how they lived alongside the natural world, discover artifacts that tell the story of the first inhabitants of this place, then complete activities to uncover the Seven Teachings of the Grandfathers and learn all about it. about the tribes of Michigan. Click here to discover the culture.

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  • As we move through this COVID-19 crisis, you can be part of history with a new project through the Michigan History Center. To be part of their history – Click here

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