This cost-effective educational app redefines e-learning in the current health crisis and is in line with the draft National Education Policy



As we continue to be confined to our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students face the added pressure of taking a new online learning medium to study while simultaneously focusing on academic performance during this. transition. With little or no social interaction with friends or engaging in outdoor activities, online learning can be stressful and boring for many. While several e-learning applications have taken care of providing access to educational content, very few have taken a step forward in devising interesting ways of teaching and making learning fun for students.

M Academy is one of the only digital learning platforms in India leading by example in the edutech space amid the current health crisis. This cost-effective platform not only designs intuitive and engaging content relevant to students, but uses its cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to make the entire learning journey interactive, engaging and fun.


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How? ‘Or’ What? The app has mentors with over 15 years of experience on board, who will not only help children move away from rote learning, but also allow them to develop a clear conceptual knowledge of their school curriculum. This approach, according to the company, is guaranteed to help students better understand their subjects, retain information faster, and use their activated analytical and cognitive skills to excel in studies and exams.

M Academy was designed primarily for grades 9-12 and high school students. At the height of technological advancements in the field of online learning globally, this learning application features features such as a content and learning management system, suggestive analytical and behavioral analyzes, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each student, discussion forums for collaborative learning, gamification and virtual. classrooms for learning.

The curriculum, meanwhile, has been carefully integrated into state and national level competitions to make it relevant to present and future generations. Additionally, for every penny spent, M Academy prides itself on offering multiple learning resources such as 3D animated videos, eBooks, Cloud Interactive teaching, and topic-level quizzes with activities such as learning. simulated and virtual labs to enrich an otherwise boring student’s online learning journey. Currently, you can access a rich database of 40,600 videos, 13,370 total presentations and eBooks and 15,200 quizzes.

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Does that sound exciting? Let’s take a closer look at each of these features:

3D animated videos

Visual content, including images and videos, can register faster in a human brain than in simple, boring textbooks. M Academy integrates concepts into interactive 3D animated videos to make them simple to interpret, easier to remember and fun to learn.

Presentations and eBooks

M Academy’s academic content has also been converted into easily accessible presentations and eBooks, compiled by an esteemed and highly experienced faculty with over 15 years of experience, so that students have access to all the content they need. with a single click.


Clarity of concepts can never come with rote learning. To ensure that students don’t just stuff their academics, M Academy has formulated thematic level quizzes in its curriculum to test a student’s analytical abilities and help them practice their concepts while s. ‘amusing.

Play and learn

With the aim of breaking away from the conventional mode of teaching, this learning application uses a game interface to guide students through their school curriculum and usual concepts by engaging in fun exercises and games. The in-game functionality was also designed to focus on a student’s ability to understand concepts rather than focusing on their scores to judge overall progress.

Online review platform

M Academy offers an unlimited number of test paper templates that have been designed from the analysis of previous tests, participation in quizzes and games to suit each student’s learning pace. In addition, exams and tests are designed to test a student’s analytical and cognitive abilities in order to prepare them for the most difficult competitions.

Discussion forums

The platform also provides discussion forums that facilitate knowledge sharing and enable a collaborative learning ecosystem while supporting each other. This space is regularly monitored by moderators to keep discussions focused on the objectives.

Adaptive personalized learning

A downside of the traditional classroom model in India is that it does not encourage personalized learning. It is a fact that each student has a different pace of learning, and therefore, they may take different lengths of time to understand the same concept. Waiting for each student to advance at a similar pace can often lead to discouragement or demotivation of slow learners. M Academy’s platform responded to this need by altering the learning process according to a child’s needs and demands. He closely follows the progress of individual students and modifies lessons accordingly to suit their pace.


Analysis plays a key role in mapping each student’s progress and identifying areas for improvement. Again, this feature doesn’t measure progress based on students’ responses to questions, but more on their ability and approach to reasoning and rationalizing questions.

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M Academy is also the first educational app in the country in line with the draft national education policy published a year ago. Realizing that online education can be expensive, this learning app has taken a full-fledged subscription model approach to prove cost effective for all parents who want to deliver a rich, engaging and comprehensive learning experience. fun to their children.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of M Academy by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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