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Education plays a very important role in people’s lives. Without education, it is absolutely a nightmare to be prepared for life. Whether poor or rich, everyone has the right to education. In India, the government has provided several grants and worked on issues related to the proper education of children. However, it can only help children up to a certain age, which is 14 years old. There are many people who strive every day so that they can help raise the standard of living of people. Subhash Charan is one such person.

Its goal is to educate as many children as possible. This will not only help them have a better future, but will also make them intellectuals capable of making logical decisions. It is very important for the citizens of a country to deal with the basic problems first, most of which relate to a proper education.

Subhash Charan currently has a YouTube account which has over 13.1 million subscribers. You can watch his videos on YouTube by clicking on this.

Not only that, even his Instagram account is hugely successful i.e. over 5 lakhs. The name of his channel is GK by Subhash Charan Friends. All of this support comes from the students he teaches and the people who find his videos on various educational topics useful.

This year and the past year have seen a great development in the field of education. Students all over the world were getting used to online education. Even schools, universities, as well as private tutors are moving closer to the online age and this type of education. Therefore, Subhash Charan does his best to provide free lessons and information on subjects necessary for the life of the students. Students want to learn as much as possible because it will help them build their goals in life. Therefore, it is not possible for every student to take private lessons by paying huge sums of money. Subhash Charan also decided to solve this problem.

Let’s move on to the background. Subhash Charan is a young educational app maker apart from a nice online educator. He supervises students at different levels, from primary to higher. He is also known as the Brains of Rajasthan in GK and Chandravardai. He is the founder of the Dhurina app, which offers a lot to users. Whether it is live lessons, notes on some difficult topics and even e-books are available here! Want to test yourself after using Notes and Lessons? This too is possible in the Dhurina app! Courses like Patwar Railway Master, IBPS, SSC, etc. are widely available. So, if you want to deepen your knowledge on these topics and move forward, install the app now!

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Posted on February 4, 2021

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