Sourav Ganguly turns around on an educational app and is ruthlessly hounded on Twitter



Sourav Ganguly recently made headlines after one of his tweets sparked speculation among fans that the former India captain is stepping down as chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Ganguly clarified later in the day that he was surprised to see so much speculation surrounding his resignation from BCCI just because of a “simple tweet”.

“I launched a new educational app worldwide. It’s an educational app launched worldwide.” I was surprised (by the speculations). It was a simple tweet, there is no mention of resignation, nothing”, Ganguly was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

Ganguly, however, a day later reversed his earlier statement and said he would not launch an educational app.

This turnaround caught the attention of trolls and they flooded Twitter with subtle searches for the former India captain.

Ganguly, not exactly at noon, announced his partnership with “Classplus” and said he would like to help coaches, teachers and educators grow and give them the credit they deserve.

“Share my new initiative with all educators, teachers and coaches and give me the opportunity to help them grow,” Ganguly tweeted.

“For ages, we have glorified successful actors, gamers and CEOs for the remarkable work they have done. It is time we glorify the true heroes, their COACHES and EDUCATORS,” the BCCI President said in his statement.

Ganguly further mentioned that he wanted to do something for coaches, educators and teachers around the world by being their ambassador.

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It’s a great initiative to shine a light on the unsung heroes who have worked tirelessly to give us some of the best talent we have across all disciplines.

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