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MISSOULA — Montana’s fisheries, wildlife and parks officials gathered in Missoula on Tuesday, for a Trapper Education Task Force meeting, to discuss the new course some people will need to take before buy a trapping license in Montana.

The Montana Legislature passed Senate Bill 60 in 2021, which requires people who have not had three previous years of trapping license to take a training course that will teach trapping ethics, best practices , how to avoid trapping non-target species and more.

Trappers will be required to complete an online or paper-based training course, pass an exam, and participate in a field day where they will gain hands-on experience taught by trapping instructors.

FWP Communications and Education Division Administrator Greg Lemon said trapping is an important part of outdoor culture in Montana and they want to keep it safe for everyone. world.

“This course is going to ensure that the new cadre of trappers who come in, get into the sport, into the business, have that foundation of ethics and skills to be able to go out and be successful and safe as trappers,” said said Lemon.

You can purchase a license from April 15, and the Trapper Education course will be live in late May or early June.

FWP officials said they are still working out some details, but will update the public with more information once it becomes available.

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