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The Sindh government on Tuesday launched a mobile educational app for kindergarten to grade five students in the province.

“The learning app can be downloaded to an Android device,” Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani said at a press conference. “Through the app, students will be able to gain real-time experience similar to what they have gained in schools.”

The app is called Muse’s SELD Learning App and can be downloaded from here.

The minister said the development had been done because there was little chance of reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The app has an online library with e-books that teachers and students can access. It has chat rooms to connect them and contains a variety of poems. Students can also submit homework and take tests through it.

“We are trying to create an environment that stimulates the online learning experience for students,” Ghani explained.

Sindhi will be included as a separate topic on the app.

The application will be used by parents who will add their children’s lessons to it during the first connection.

“To this end, the government has trained more than 500 teachers in the province,” he revealed, adding that pilot projects of the digital classroom concept have already started in Mirpur Khas and other areas.

The minister acknowledged that initially it will be impossible to reach even 50% of all students in the province. “Over time, however, we will continue to add elements and improve the application,” he said.

In addition, the cable operators in Sindh have also been commissioned to operate an educational channel for students around the clock. “We are also working on the use of FM radio for educational purposes,” Ghani added.

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