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Now that classes are in session, elementary school and older students can be home, but they’ve returned to a structured learning schedule. Preschoolers, on the other hand, were left out. Many programs are either temporarily closed or extremely limited in capacity, and they do not offer the same virtual education and curriculum that other children have access to. Keep your preschooler on track with Papumba, the best game-based preschool platform in over 30 countries.

Papumba uses interactive games and activities to get kids as young as two to engage in science, math, technology, and other early STEAM skills. The app-based curriculum tailors activities to the user and their aptitude to ensure they reach milestones and move on to new lessons only when ready.


The idea of ​​extended screen time for a toddler might scare you a bit, but Papumba keeps lessons family-focused and even offers offline options so you can have fun whenever you want. There are over 500 interactive games and learning activities to explore as your child grows from two to seven years old. Each user receives lessons at their own pace, which can help encourage independent play and critical thinking, but it will not promote stress or addictive behavior to quickly reach milestones.


Happy parents gave Papumba 4.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store, and it even received the Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Seal of Approval for Excellence in Family Friendly Products. Check it out for yourself while a lifetime subscription at the fun learning app is 86% off. You’ll get fun educational content for years to come and a little bit of peace of mind along the way.

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