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Toronto, Ont. – January 31, 2022 – Popular Book Company Canada Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of the new series of Complete Canadian Curriculum Preschool (Pre-K) and Complete Canadian Curriculum Kindergarten workbooks.

The Complete Canadian Curriculum Preschool and Kindergarten books cover key subjects including math, English, science, social studies and the arts to help young children build a strong foundation for future learning. With bright illustrations and engaging activities, the child would find it both fun and rewarding to work with Complete Canadian Curriculum.

“It is very important that preschool and kindergarten children in our country receive the best possible education,” said David McGee, vice president of Popular Book Company (Canada) Ltd. “We wanted to give parents and educators a simple guide that would educate children using methods and give them an early learning start.

The Complete Canadian Curriculum Textbooks provide young learners with knowledge and skills for their future education. Developed in consultation with experts in the field such as teachers, preschool providers and child psychologists, these books are sure to provide many hours of fun activities while helping your child’s development at the same time.

Too much emphasis is placed on standardized testing and memorization, rather than true comprehension and comprehension. The Complete Canadian Curriculum books are designed to provide an effective solution by incorporating these misconceptions into fun exercises that teach young children in a practical way. Bright, colorful illustrations and engaging activities teach kids critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Complete Canadian Curriculum books can be used with students from kindergarten to grade eight, with each book introducing various subject areas such as math, English, or science. A comprehensive answer guide is included so kids stay on track with their learning while parents are always welcome to join in the fun.

Lori Breslin, a kindergarten teacher in Toronto, Ontario, notes, “I used the Complete Canadian Curriculum books during my summer kindergarten classes and the children not only learned a lot, but also had a lot of fun.

About Popular Book Company (Canada) Ltd.

Popular Book Company (Canada) Ltd (“Popular Canada”) was incorporated on July 19, 1994 to publish quality workbooks and other learning materials for preschool and elementary school children. Popular Canada’s history has been marked by a series of successful publications, beginning with MathSmart published in May 1999. Popular Canada publishes the best educational textbooks for students and teachers. They offer a wide range of high-quality educational books and online educational resources for students studying in preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-12.

To learn more about the Complete Canadian Curriculum Preschool and Kindergarten books or to purchase your copies today, please visit https://www.popularbook.ca/product/complete-canadian-curriculum-revised-and-updated-preschool & https://www.popularbook.ca/product/complete-canadian-curriculum-revised-and-updated-kindergarten

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