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Bombay: Ballon d’Or, astronomical salary, various sponsorship contracts and incomparable fan adulation, Cristiano Ronaldo has it all. But if that wasn’t enough, he can now add one more honor to his endless list as it is reported that the University of British Columbia Okanagan is now offering a course on Ronaldo.

The star footballer will be the main subject of the fourth-year sociology course at the University.

As Associate Professor Luis Aguiar told The Telegraph, “Ronaldo is the center and every discussion, class reunion revolves around Ronaldo initially. And then we explore, we expand to larger themes. So that starts with Ronaldo, but Ronaldo is almost like a stepping stone to talk about bigger issues that are much more sociologically important than just a biography of Ronaldo.

It is also reported that one of the course modules will be “The Commodification of Cristiano Ronaldo”.

However, the Real Madrid superstar may not be aware of it. “I don’t know if Ronaldo is aware of the course. I have not heard from Ronaldo, I have not heard from his entourage. I’d love to hear either, and I’d love to have Ronaldo maybe Skype in the classroom, ”Aguiar concluded.

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