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Being involved in the game does not necessarily mean playing games, there are many potential avenues for the game, one can be a character artist, a game developer, a game tester on the gaming side. On the esports side of competitive games, an individual could potentially be a social media manager, esports reporter, event organizer, among others.

Prestigious universities like EMLyon based in France have taken the first step by being the first business school in Europe to integrate esport into their curriculum. The University of California, Irvine has introduced an esports management course that has an advisory board of industry experts from some of the largest esports and gaming organizations, primarily Twitch, Activision, Valve, Microsoft to name a few. Many universities in the United States also offer esports scholarships, similar to traditional sports scholarships, allowing outstanding talent to participate in various college esports leagues.

Many universities and high schools abroad are incorporating esports into their curriculum as a potential career path, either as a professional athlete or as a social media / community manager or as a team owner / manager. Just as Indian schools teach students to lay the groundwork to become an engineer or health professional, maybe it is time for Indian schools and colleges to start preparing young adults to take steps in the health care industry. electronic sports / gaming given its global growth. and in India. It is important to instill a path of progression in esports athletes once their careers are over, individuals can be great players, but their lack of management skills could potentially hamper their personal and professional growth in the ecosystem of the sport. esport.

Gaming has now become an India-wide phenomenon with the company understanding what it is and with the growth of games like PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans which are primarily mobile-focused and games like CSGO and Dota2 played primarily on PCs, society as a whole is slowly realizing what gaming is for individuals and how being involved in gaming has multiple benefits in terms of social, mental and professional growth. This is why it is time for educational entities to understand and learn about this growing phenomenon and understand in the ecosystem can be equally rewarding personally and professionally.

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