Morgan Bugg is only seven years old and she is already using her voice to effect change in the world. Brentwood, TN freshman has spoken out and created a change in the educational app, freckle.

Photo credit: Maya Bugg / The Washington Post

Freckle is a fun educational app that is part of Morgan’s first year online curriculum. When she earned enough points on the app, she decided to model her avatar on herself. But, to her surprise, the app didn’t offer options that looked like the adorable student.

Morgan’s teacher Kelley Anne Joyner immediately noticed her student was upset and took her to a separate virtual meeting room. When asked why the tears, Morgan told her teacher she felt sad and frustrated that she couldn’t find any hairstyle to choose from that looked like her beautiful afro.

When Joyner asked Morgan what she would like to do, she asked so, “We can ask them to add black girl hair.”

Encouraged, Morgan got to work drawing different hairstyles, and they sent them to Freckle, explaining why she thought they would be great additions to the app. She and her teacher submitted the application and the drawings to the company.

Photo credit: Edmondson Elementary School / The Washington Post

First, the couple received a generic response, but then they got the email they were expecting.

“Our product team recently added more hairstyles to the Piggy Store based directly on your feedback,” the e-mail message read. “Thanks again for sharing your insightful comments on how to improve the student experience on Freckle.”

Photo credit: Edmondson Elementary School / The Washington Post

Additionally, Morgan received a special message from Ryan Blackwell, the chief revenue officer of Renaissance, the company that created Freckle.

“It is your bravery and leadership that fuels us as an organization to advance our mission,” he wrote to the first grader. “We are honored to amplify your voice through Freckle to help many girls like you and my 2 daughters identify with the content we provide.”

In an e-mail to Washington post, Renaissance also said that “we have also added additional wig options, a wheelchair, headwear for students who prefer not to show their hair, and the ability for students to select skin tones and hair colors. hair for their characters “.

Morgan saw something that needed to be changed and she spoke up to make sure it happened. We have a feeling this is the first time we’ll hear of Morgan using his voice to effect change!

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