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By Luke Araujo | Personal editor

better me, a behavioral healthcare company with over 100 million users around the world, launched an educational mental health course for people of color to celebrate Black History Month. The course is free throughoutyou February.

According to SAMHSA, 4.8 million black Americans — Where 16% of the black American population – reported having mental illnesses in 2018. Despite this number, black americans said they coping with mental health stigma in their social circles.

Kateryna Gaïeva, p.public relations manager at BetterMe, said the company initiative includes tools for self-reflection and empowerment, anti-stigma versus mental health engagement aid and the impact of black representation and identification on black self-perception. The seven-day program will also include daily meditations created and narrated by mental health coaches and psychotherapists working in Black communities around the world.

“We stand with black mental health advocates as we work to make mental health care accessible to everyone, regardless of background,” said Gaeva.

AT spread news from the lesson, BetterMe reaches out to public figures from the black communityincluding Doug Middleton and lead singer of Destiny’s Child Michael Williams.

“The timing couldn’t be more fitting to announce my support for BetterMe, a health app focused on mental health,” Williams said in a Feb. 4 Instagram post. “We’ve been through a lot over the past few years and I’m very grateful for this resource.”

BetterMe has also partnered with BetternessBox – a book club and subscription box community whose efforts are focused on better well-being for black women.

“We previously participated in an Instagram Live Wellness Wednesday from BetternessBox co-founder Kala Garner with our guest Latania Franklin,” Gaieva said. “Franklin is the owner of The Self Inside LLC and the curator of the seven-day course on Black Heritage and Identity Meditation.

In the past, BetterMe has launched similar initiatives. In January 2021, the app introduced a home workout program for older users. In May 2021, he launched wheelchair training programs in celebration of World Accessibility Awareness Day.

“The company has developed two supporting apps: BetterMe Health Coaching and BetterMe Mental Health”, Gaeva noted. “The BetterMe Mental Health app grew out of a meditation app that grew into a full-fledged product for anyone looking for emotional support in 2021. BetterMe Mental Health offers personalized self-help plans, meditation classes, rapid breathing exercises, relaxing sounds and mental health specialists for a holistic solution for better well-being and healing.

BetterMe Founder and CEO, Victoria Repa, said the company was humbled and honored to be part of a global movement promoting mental health inclusion and wellbeing.

“Our apps provide a safe space for individuals in the Black community to connect with their heritage, embrace their identity, reflect on themselves, stay grounded, united, and thrive as a community,” Repa said.

The course will still be available even though it is no longer free with the February offer. It will be included in BetterMe Mental Health’s regular subscription.

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