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Until April 30, South African learners can access all content for free. (iStock)

Award-winning interactive online learning platform Examsta has added history and geography to its online platform as additional learning support for students. The review platform offers content-based subjects and is used successfully by life science learners in grades 10-12 in South African schools.

Until April 30, learners in South Africa can access all content totally free, after which the nominal cost of the annual access will be billed.

“While most e-learning platforms focus on STEM topics like physical science, Examsta is the first South African platform to focus on high content topics like life sciences, geography and history, while correctly differentiating between CAPS and IEB programs, ”explains Marie de Wet, founder of the application.

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The “test effect”

According to Marie, the app is an accessible learning tool that allows learners to benefit from the “test effect”, a well-known psychological phenomenon whereby memory recall is accelerated through regular quizzes.

During the lockdown, the app was tested by more than 500 learners and was also used as a WhatsApp teaching program in rural schools. The trial showed it improved learner engagement in distance education, with 83% of learners finding the platform useful.

Jean Bottaro, academic author, senior history teacher, examiner and moderator of the Independent Examinations Board in South Africa, developed the history quiz content for Examsta and uses the app in his daily teaching to matrix learners.

“The application covers the entire CAPS program”

“As the app covers the entire CAPS curriculum, this has provided a great source of independent learning at home. The G12 class has found it particularly useful as it is very easy to use and has the ability to redo each quiz over and over again until a result has been very beneficial for my students, ”says Bottaro.

“The website is simple, to minimize data costs for learners, and in the future we plan to zero-rate the app so that no data is needed to access the content,” concludes Marie.

She encourages learners to visit before April 30, 2021, where they will be able to access topics such as life sciences, geography and history for free.

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