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Being a modern parent means harnessing the power of online education and teaching your child to use the Internet productively. Try showing your kid that the global web isn’t just about watching funny cat videos and sending emojis on Facebook with the next four amazing educational websites.

1. Sharing of skills

Sharing skills is a creative community where you can master new skills or gain expertise in a variety of professional fields ranging from creative writing and web design to making music and games. It’s a productive way to keep your older kids busy during breaks and let them develop their creativity, while gaining new experiences. For example, you can take a screen writing course by James Franco or learn the basics of marketing by Seth Godin. Skillshare is a great way to test and try out various career options and make sure your child chooses the right college specialization. It is one of the best educational websites available. The community is free to join and register for a limited number of courses per month, while the premium pass ($ 8-10 per month) will allow you to access all courses, as well as unlock access outside. online to supports and support videos.

In addition, the service can be of great benefit to parents and children! If you have expertise in a certain area and can convert it into an easy-to-follow video series, maybe you should become a Skillshare educator yourself? Some of them claim to do around $ 1,000 per night.

2. The 11+ guardians in Essex

The Guardians 11 Plus in Essex 11 Plus

The Eleven Plus Guardians in Essex offers an innovative new service with virtual courses conducted with the help of BigButtonBlue virtual classroom technology. It allows students to collaborate with the mentor online via chat and webcam, and interact with all resources in real time. In addition to their VLE, ​​the service offers conventional one-to-one private lessons. These sessions are aimed at elementary school children to help them pass the 11 Plus exam and obtain a prestigious place in high school. If you opt for a private session, the tutor will visit your child at an appropriate time, while exam preparation sessions are usually conducted online. Your child will be supervised by a fully qualified teacher with a diploma and respective certifications.

In addition, the service offers amazing creative writing lessons where your child will master common writing techniques, establish their own writing style and increase their literacy level. Learning to write compelling essays is one of the key factors in passing an exam and then entering a prestigious school.

3. Duolingo


Duolingo is an amazing free language learning website (and app) that delivers real results fast. My child started reading and translating short stories in French in just over a month! I love the elements of gamification included in each lesson with points added for each activity that could later be redeemed for special boosters. There are a limited number of lives (attempts) to complete each assignment and an on-going instant scoring system.

So far you can learn French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Swedish and Danish with Duolingo (more English if you are not no mother tongue). This year, the developers plan to add Russian, Polish, Turkish and Romanian languages.

4. Brain Pop


BrainPop was launched in 1999, but it’s still one of the best educational resources out there! Fun interactive lessons are available in a variety of subjects, from science to basic engineering. Learning is done in a fun and engaging way with knowledge presented in the form of animated short films and quizzes. The more difficult concepts are broken down into simple points and topics introduced by the characters on the website.

BrainPop has been used successfully in many schools in the United States and has received high praise from parents who teach their children at home, as well as top accolades from a prestigious educational institution. and government. Prices vary depending on the type of subscription you choose.

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