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The popular crypto trading bot service 3Commas has launched a free educational course to help users understand the basics of using algorithmic bots for cryptocurrency trading. The course is part of the platform’s efforts to educate traders about the benefits of automated trading tools, especially in a fast-paced market like virtual tokens.

Since its inception, 3Commas has continued to provide smart tools to enable crypto traders to minimize losses and limit their risk exposure given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. As part of these efforts, the platform has expanded its services to cover some popular exchanges.

Course details

According to the course details as they appear on Teachbase’s Learning Management System (LMS), 3Commas’ educational offering is aimed at both novice and experienced traders. The modules would be structured to guide users in understanding how to make profit by trading cryptocurrencies.

An excerpt from the course description reads as follows:

“In the introductory lecture, you will learn: what types of cryptocurrency income exist and bring the most profit; whether it is possible to make money from trading without special education and experience; what is bot trading and what are the benefits and risks. “

The 3Commas course consists of 14 lectures optimized for independent online learning. The first two lessons explain to the participant the preliminary activities such as registering on Binance and the 3Commas platform, as well as the necessary promotional and referral codes.

The lesson

Other modules aim to show users how to connect their 3Commas accounts to supported crypto exchange platforms via API, details on how to set up a Long Bot, as well as an overview of available tools. on the 3Commas platform.

Among the 33 materials included in the free educational course, traders will also receive lectures on indicators and trading strategies, as well as an introduction to the use of signals. The indicators covered in the series include the Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger lines and Fibonacci line, among others.

The 33 materials are also divided into 18 lecture notes, 15 lecture videos and a quiz. Participants can also track their progress throughout the learning plan.

3Commas makes automated cryptocurrency trading possible

According to 3Commas, new registrants on the platform will have access to a 3-day test period. Users can also request additional time to complete the course after the expiration of the first three days.

The newly created learning course also joins the collection of educational articles already present on the 3Commas website. These content pieces contain relevant information on topics intended for beginner and expert traders, such as trading strategies and how to build a cryptocurrency trading bot.

Rolling out its free educational course is just the latest in a series of steps 3Commas is taking to drive adoption of automated trading robots into the crypto scene. As previously stated by Blockonomi, the crypto trading bot provider partnered with Binance in October 2019 to expand the reach of its services.

Besides Binance, 3Commas also interfaces with other major crypto exchanges such as Bybit and Bittrex. In May, 3Commas added cryptocurrency derivatives giant FTX to the list. The growing catalog of partner cryptocurrency exchanges enables clients to use the 3Commas suite of automated trading robots across multiple platforms.

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