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If you are a parent or teacher looking for resources to help your children take their education even further, you don’t have to look too far. There are many free learning websites for kids to entertain and educate them.

Here are some of the best free education websites for kids that they’ll want to keep coming back to, keeping them out of your hair and making sure they are using their computer time productively.


BrainPOP tackles everything from math to music with humorous animated films. It breaks even the most complex concepts down into easy-to-understand chunks and uses real, relevant scenarios as examples.

The videos are accompanied by interactive quizzes, relevant activities and games that help build understanding of each concept. Kids will love Moby, the funny robot that appears in the videos.

The website is subscription based, but there are some cool free stuff too. Don’t miss the daily flagship feature that teaches kids about a variety of topical and relevant topics, from US Presidents to cyberbullying to American Indians.

falling stars

Starfall is a great website for Kindergarten and Grades 1, 2 and 3. There are no ads anywhere and the content is produced entirely by a talented team of educators and creatives. However, some content is behind a paywall.


Your kids will shape their reading, phonics, math and more with a series of fun activities. There is also a collection of seasonal games, cards and cartoons.


Want to limit your child’s screen time? Keep them busy and entertained with Funology’s offline activities. The website can be designed as a toolkit for parents and teachers, but there is no reason why it cannot serve as an online laboratory and a playground for children themselves.

Funology offers instruction sets to help kids try their hand at science experiments, arts and crafts projects, and even magic tricks. It also has plenty of games, jokes, and trivia that you can store for later.

The site includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they come with quirky names and descriptions to appeal to little chefs. Now, who wouldn’t want to munch on a rainbow melon salad, a pixie’s favorite dish?

bbc dicksize

While BBC Bitesize caters to the UK program, it is perfect for children all over the world, regardless of their age. It offers lessons, games and resources for all common school subjects: history, math, English, science, etc.

BBC Bitesize also offers thematic learning to help kids understand news and educate them about the world at large, like how to spot fake news or how to prepare for exam results.


Games are a language that every child seems to understand without needing to learn it. Funology makes full use of this fact to help children master math, spelling, reading, etc.

Funbrain offers hundreds of interactive games designed to educate and entertain children. Some popular books and comics, such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Brewster Rockit, are available for free reading on Funbrain.

If you have a preschooler, head over to the Playground section for games that will teach your little one how to use the mouse and keyboard. Bright colors, fun graphics and games, and a safe online environment make FunBrain the perfect online playground for kids.

national geographic children

Like its magazine counterpart, the interactive National Geographic Kids website sparks children’s enthusiasm and curiosity for the world around them. The website home page is a mosaic of colorful, clickable content designed to appeal to young minds. Stunning photos and videos of a wide variety of places, flora and fauna keep kids and adults alike hooked.

National Geographic Kids uses cool materials like facts, games, quizzes, and surveys to teach young explorers various concepts related to geography, natural science, archeology, and more.


Coding is one of the best tech skills you can encourage your kids to learn. But you won’t have much success getting them to explore it if you don’t make the programming fun. Leave that work to Scratch, a web app that teaches coding with visual tools and an easy-to-use interface.

The website teaches coding through a ’cause and effect’ approach. You click on various color coded instructions to see their impact on the cute animal sprites. For example, by clicking on a specific button, you can move a sprite 20 squares to the left.

Scratch ensures that your child’s introduction to programming is far from boring. They can create and share interactive animations, games and stories, learning to reason and think creatively along the way.

If your kid likes it, here are the best coding apps for teaching kids programming.

science fiction

Award-winning educator Bob Pflugfelder (aka Science Bob) is on a mission to make science fun for kids. He explains various scientific concepts using video demonstrations of experiments.

Children won’t find any “don’t try this at home” warning when playing spoilers. They are given step-by-step instructions for recreating the experiments, an approach that promotes a hands-on approach to science.

Children can satisfy their curiosity about things like “why do we cry when we chop onions?” And “why are our toes wrinkling in the tub?” ”Via the Q&A section.

sea ​​street

You can’t go wrong with Elmo, Oscar, Cookie Monster and the gang. The show aimed at young children has a brilliant website filled with preschool games, videos, and coloring pages.

The site is wonderfully interactive, especially the section where you visit Seasme Street itself and hang out with each of the characters. Everything is expressed, brightly colored and full of exciting games.

Mission United States

As much as children dread mathematics, they seem to dread history even more. What if they had a chance to be there when the events of our collective past unfolded? Wouldn’t they like to know more about that time? People on sites like MissionUS certainly think so.

With its collection of free video games, MissionUS offers a way for children to immerse themselves as protagonists in American history. They can choose from different missions to accomplish. Each mission introduces them to a different time and aspect of history, such as the Boston Massacre and the anti-slavery movement.

Teach your kids about internet safety

Hopefully, these websites can not only resolve your kid’s cries of boredom, but also teach them a thing or two along the way. Remember to educate your kids about internet safety as well – it can get wild and it is good that they know the dangers.

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